Yoinked from Dancing Ferret Concerts

1999-2000 Dancing Ferret Concerts


This page contains no backmasking or subliminal suggestions. All messages from the Devil are recorded clearly and audibly in straightforward Standard American English.


FULL NAME : Raven Willow Amos
GENDER : Female
BIRTHDATE : 17.7.81 (for the date inept, that's July 17th, 1981)
LANGUAGES SPOKEN : English(American), Japanese, PERL, HTML, Java, C+, ferret, corvid (raven, crow, etc.), gibberish.
HEIGHT : 5 foot 4 inches
HAIR COLOR : Varies (Brunette)
EYE COLOR : If you can tell me, you sir, are a better man than I.
IDENTIFYING MARKS : Peirced left nostril, 3 earrings in right ear, 2 in left.
MUSIC : Classical, Techno, Industrial, Buttrock (KISS, Poison, GnR), Headbanger Metal (older Metallica, etc.), Heavy Metal (DIO, Def Leppard, Van Halen, Ozzy), New Age, Gothic, Instrumental Gothic (Dead Can Dance), Parodies (Jerky Boys, Weird Al), Motown, and anything else besides Country.
ROLEPLAYING GAMES : White Wolf, TSR, GURPS, Palladium, Chrono Trigger, Brave Fencer Musashiden, Illusion of Gaia, Breath of Fire.
FAVORITE MOVIES : The Matrix, The Crow, A Clockwork Orange, City of the Lost Children (subtitled version), Project A-Ko, Akira, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hackers, The Net, all the old Godzilla movies.
FAVORITE HAUNTS : Mead's Coffee Shop, Bosco's Comics, PacKnives, my room, my friend Eric's house (Hey, he's got a pool table and an underground dungeon :)
FAVORITE DRINKS : Whoop Ass, Fukola Cola, Josta, Market Spice Tea, Big Train(TM) Chai, Peppermint Tea, Chamomile Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Earl Greyer Tea, Mountain Lightning, Dr. Thunder, Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, SoBe (almost every kind), Snapple (WhipperSnapple, Elements drinks, etc.), Jolt, Crow Cola, Clearly Canadian, anything kiwi-strawberry, water, milk.
FAVORITE ANIMAL(S) : Ferrets, dragons, griffons, drakes, real life reptiles, my cat Pockets, black moor goldfish, pirahna, whales, dolphins, unicorns, alucorns (winged unicorns), ostriches, ravens (of course), secretary birds, pegasii (plural of pegasus), centaurs, wolves, werecreatures - basically, anything anthropomorphic, fantasy, or cute...except rodents. (Okay, rats are cool too.)
FAVORITE PASTIMES : Drawing, cycling, hiking, fishing, bow hunting, mallratting, slam poetry sessions, general ranting, playing with ferrets.
FRIENDS - IRL : Tyler Edwards (mi amore! \^o^/), Eric & Daniel Waller, Nick Cler, Branden "Sparky" Sparkman, Ian "JediMaster" Heatherly, Lindsey "Dar" Knapp, Caleb Sutton, Corey Muffeletto, Nichole McCloud, Lucas Tremmel, Luke Martin, Steven Nelson, Esther Heck (a really cool teacher - we need more people like her), Kenny Good, Earl Almdale, Dan Spoth, J. Oliver, Mike Lutes, Robin Christensen, Nick Casler. (Some of these people have webpages, so pay attention to the links page.)
FRIENDS - IRC, ICQ, ETC. : Sparks, Skant, Andrew "Dru" Graham, David Scheuller, Vasco Morais, DarkDragon, Jen Seng.
MISC. INFO : Colony High Senior, hopeful attendee at Art Institute of Seattle, employed as a part-time telemarketer for the Palmer Elks.

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